Competition among MFIs of Tajikistan for receiving credit

Competition among MFIs of Tajikistan for receiving credit


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CJSC MDO ” Bovary va Hamkory” – National Institute for the refinancing of Microfinance Organizations of Tajikistan, established the Association of Microfinance Organizations Tajikistan and “Agroinvestbank”, supported by the German Society for Technical Cooperation and the International Dutch organization ICCO in 2008.

Mission CJSC MDO ” Bovary va Hamkory ” is to promote the development of small and medium-sized MFIs in Tajikistan to support the development of entrepreneurship and efficient solutions to problems of poverty in the country.

CJSC MDO ” Bovary va Hamkory ” and the Committee of Youth, Tourism and Sports of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan within the framework of the World Bank Project “Creation of social and economic opportunities for young people in Tajikistan” wraps fund created in the amount of 600,000 somoni for 2015-2016 and Announce

Competition among MFIs in Tajikistan to receive credit resources to support young entrepreneurs.

This contest is the third stage of the joint project.

Terms of the loan:

  • The loan is provided in local currency for the issue of young entrepreneurs in Tajikistan.
  • The loan amount for MFIs to 250,000 somoni
  • Term of the loan up to 12.30.2016 year
  • Interest rate 19% per annum
  • MFI is willing to:
  • a loan to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35
  • 50% of the funds received will be made available to women
  • in the case of the issuance of the groups, the number of members does not exceed 5 people
  • Loans will be granted at a rate of not more than 33% per annum

Special conditions:

  • Provide a list of clients who received a loan and a report in the approved form (Appendix №1,2)
  • Cooperation with the Regional Committee of Youth, Tourism and Sports to identify the selected candidates based on the technical evaluation,
  • Promotion and Advertising Project Committee of Youth, Tourism and Sports, the World Bank and ” Bovary va Hamkory.”

The competition is held in the following order:

  • Consideration of the application and pre-selection of MFI
  • Assessment of institutional and market potential of the IFIs to provide credit,
  • Adoption of the Credit Committee of the choice of the partner and the issuance of credit,

The total period of consideration of applications is 15 days.

Applications may submit Microfinance organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Availability of Licenses NBT
  • active in the provision of microfinance services not less than 2 years,
  • Availability of corporate governance structure,
  • Have an external audit report for 2013 or 2014,
  • Shareholders’ equity of not less than the established norms of the NBT,
  • The risk of a portfolio of more than 30 days is not more than 5%
  • Operational self-sufficiency> 100%
  • The write-off of not more than 2% a year,
  • The ratio of debt to capital for MFIs, who have experience more than 2 years, no more than 4: 1 (with the new loan from MDO ” Bovary va Hamkory “).
  • Availability of internal control procedures, the presence of the ISU.

Tender Committee must submit in a timely manner:

  • Letter to appeal to the free form of the acceptance of the commitments and strategies for using credit
  • An application for a loan (Appendix №3)
  • A copy of the license of the National Bank of Tajikistan
  • A copy of the audit report for 2013 and / or 2014
  • Balance Sheet and Profit / Loss Statement in the format of the National Bank of Tajikistan, a portfolio report in the format ” Bovary va Hamkory ” over the past 2 years, and the current date
  • A brief professional biography of the director and chief accountant of the MFI


  • The current MFI clients “Bovary va Hamkory” and participants of previous tenders, which had previously provided the documents and passed the institutional assessment, can refer only to information that is not duplicated and points to the changes, indicating the date of the previously submitted materials;
  • All documents must be signed by the director and chief accountant and certified by the seal of the organization.

As a result of the selection of credit may be issued to three microfinance organizations of Tajikistan.

Tender participants must send documents in a sealed envelope with the words “Credit Project” Creation of social and economic opportunities for young people in Tajikistan “until April 18, 2015 to 12.00 at the following address: Dushanbe, street. Loik Sherali 3. Tel. Information line: +992 (44) 600 42 45 (44) 600 42 47.



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