Events and facts 2012

January Signed a Coopera tion Contract with the OA I/USAIO Family Farming Programme for provicling technical and financial suppor t to IO M Fls of Khatlon Oblast
March Bovari va Hamkori Outstanding Portfolio reached 10million somoni mark
May MDO «Bovari va Hamkori» achieved 8th among Top Ten MFis of Tajikistan
May Received a high rating from the National Bank of Tajikistan
May Participated at the Microfinance Center Annual Conference in Tbilisi
June Participated at the presentation: Formation of Islamic Principles of Financing in RT
June Conducted a poll among clients: «Bovari  va  Hamkori»  Service Quality Assessment and Study of Demand Results published at
June Participation of MFC Members at a meeting in Tajikistan devoted to Value-Added Chain Financing
July Finalized the World Bank/Committee for Youth Affairs of Tajikistan Project for Facilitating Entrepreneurship
August Discussion of implementation progress of the DFID/UNDP/GIZ Soghd Rural Development Project together with Hukumat and donors
August DFID/UNDP Grant transferred into CJSC MDO «Bovari va Hamkori» capital by the results of two-year project implementation monitoring
August Attracted AOB resources via OJSC Agroinvestbank and extended the product line with medium-term loans
September Conducted an external institutional assessment by Ktw
September CJSC MOO «Bovari va Hamkori» extended the 1OOth loan to the 20th new client from Gomo-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast
September Geographic coverage of regions extended to 53 rayons, 7 cities or 87% of all regions of the state. 55thousand direct borrowers covered with services,including 43% women
September For the first time, the company conducted cooperation effect and achievements assessment of 15 Client-MFis as per key indicators. Awarded the partners at the National Conference of MFis of Tajikistan
September Traditional meeting of Client-MFls’ managers at CJSC MOO «Bovali va Hamkori»
October Signed the third, new subcontracting agreement with UNDP/DFID Project
December The Director if CJSC MOO «Bova ri va Hamkori» named among 10leading Top-Managers of Tajikistan and took the first place in the 20 12 Business Lady Nomination
December Four employees passed the GARP (USA) International Risk Manager Certification
December Attracted over 2.5 million US Dollars of new resources into the turnover fund
December The Company achieved 116% financial sustainability
December CJSC MOO «Bova ri va Ham kori» capital exceeded the 1 Million US Dollars mark
December Paid out the first dividends to the shareholders